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Industrial Limit Switches

Suns International LLC (USA) is a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial limit switches. We produce several kinds of products, including limit switches, heavy duty limit switches, safety switches, micro switches, elevator switches, foot switches and medical switches. Our products are the right choices for your applications and have competitive price......

New Products

USB Medical Foot Switches

  • Trusted Partner for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Wide Range of Choices for Different Applications
  • Offer Customized Products and Custom Solutions
  • IP68 Rated for Easy Clean
  • IEC60601-1 Certified

Press-Brake Foot Switches

  • 3-Position foot switches
  • Stop Pressbrake by releasing or pressing down foot pedal
  • 4 working contacts (2NC+2NO) and 1 safety contact (1 positive opening NC+1NO)
  • IP68 Water-Proof

Cable Pull Switches

  • Max span 160m (524ft) for CP8171,80m (262ft) forCP8171R and CPB8171L.
  • Compatible to EN418 required with emergency stop button on the surface cover.
  • Works in two direction: tripped when the wire is pulled or breaking.
  • Optional indicator light to show the state
  • Positive Opening of NC contacts
  • Confrom to EN60947-5-5,ISO 13850,ISOTR 12100,IEC 60947-5-1,EN418